Garden Center Newsletter Marketing Service

Garden Center Newsletter Marketing Service

E Mail Newsletters give garden centers a really efficient beautiful tool to build customer relationships and grow their business.

We all want to take customers and make them raving fans and friends.  We want to bring the people who see gardening as a once in a while chore and help them love it and be good at it.

An e-mail newsletter is the perfect vehicle. We take consumers that visit your store on average 4 times per year, and we give them a reason every week to make your store a destination.

We like to send on Thursdays with a plan in mind. Perhaps planting a vegetable garden, or adding a water effect, or attracting hummingbirds.  We give your readers a vision, a list and all the things they will need to be successful.  We send them monthly things to do, photos of projects, we invite them to attend your events and to learn more about the other parts of your business.

As readers learn more, they appreciate the value of your independent garden center, and the inventory choices you have made.  We make chore gardeners into passionate gardeners.  We make people that shop for price consider value.

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